Why Voicycle?

voicycle – (plural: voicycles)

A vehicle mostly consistent of two wheels carrying a singer and his stuff

I lived in Sydney for a good 2 years. I played music on the street, had a great life over there and wonderful friends. Nevertheless, the closer I got to the the end of my stay the more I doubted my achievements that I had while being in Australia. I was hard to myself regarding my diet, my music, my projects my whole being. I ended up in a circle of procrastination, doubts and routine.

It felt as if I wasn’t doing anything under the week and just went out playing jazz music in the streets of Sydney on the week-end. It was like a big on-off switch. Busking superstar ON. Lazy bum OFF.

So the nearer my departure in March 2011 the more options started popping up in my head. Going back to Germany to live there for a while was just no option. Too much was I threatened to fall back into the same old pattern. I needed to brake through this. But how?

I had an idea: Every time when I’m on my bicycle – even for only a short trip – I feel totally energised afterwards and feel like I have done something great. And something for myself. So why not moving around on a bicycle to places I have never seen while working on my album, meeting fantastic people, play music on the street and just BE?

One of my favourite Australian sayings is “I haven’t seen my own backyard yet”. This totally describes people like me who have been travelling all over the place but can’t even match famous cities of their Country to their states.

So where would I go and what would I like to see? “Europe” was the answer!

Shortly after beginning to plan the trip I was faced with the challenge to fit everything on a bicycle. About 2 years ago I once watched a inspiring documentary about a cellist touring the us on a bicycle. With this little movie the seed in my had was planted and it was silently growing. So when I came to the question how to carry all my stuff including amplifier, mic stand, clothes, tent, sleeping bag, water, food – the answer was given. I need an Xtracycle!

Around month before my departure from Australia in Feb 2011 I started planning the details of my trip. Before discovering I wanted to see a bit of the US. The United States have never been on top of my travel list but it was kind of “on the way” so I decided to stop by in Beijing and fly over to San Francisco. At that stage of planning the transportation of my choice would have been either my pair of feet or hitching trucks and cars. But would I be ready for the journey in Europe once I get there? I mean the rough schedule for my tour was pretty demanding for my fitness. I needed to build up strength before getting there.

That Moment I decided to do it: I want to cycle the American West Coast on a bicycle as well.

So after one sinus-wrecking week in Beijing I hit San Francisco on Mar 22nd 2011 and started getting all my stuff together. I needed to get camping gear, water proof bags, proper clothes, and – of course – a bicycle.

About two weeks later I was ready to go on my journey on my Surly Big Dummy. So I waved San Francisco good-bye and started exploring California on two wheels.

My voicycle and I in San Francisco (California - USA)