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It’s amazing to look back at only one month of touring and realising how many great people I’ve met and how many fantastic places I have been to. Thank you all for making it all so super special for me!

Emily and her lovely flat mates for hosting me, for great food and good times!
Darius for a very special CouchSurfing experience
GNA Garcia for putting up this video of me performing in Little Italy, SF
Gearhead Bicycles in Pacifica for Delivering me tubes to the place where my flat tire occurred
Jim for giving me a lift in a Pick-Up truck into Half-Moon-Bay and for keeping me sane
Angelo’s Muffler & Auto Repair in Half-Moon-Bay for drilling a hole into my rim for no charge
The BikeChurch and their friends in Santa Cruz for a place to stay
People supporting me with organic food at the market in Santa Cruz
Mike, Ben, Adam from Seattle for the good times down at Big Sur
A family I met in Lucia, who let me use the shower of their motel room
The lady of the restaurant in Lucia who let me use the internet although I was not a guest
Elaine for supporting me with a place to stay in San Louis Obispo
For the nice Mexican farmer who let me nibble in his strawberry field
Hylton and Meredith in Santa Barbara for hosting, great music, and happy times
Kelly for the entertainment on Earthday and for her help to get energy bars
Backyard Bowls in Santa Barbara – Who sponsored me with a delicious acay-banana smoothie
Galen for hosting me in his wonderful home in LA
Paul the owner of Haute Cakes Caffe in Newport for all his support, be it accommodation, food or my show
Everyone who supported me playing music on the street or on the waterside

… to be continued

5 thoughts on “The Support Board

  1. Hi! I’m Emilio from Parma. Your microphone is still working? Are you still in Italy or you came back to Germany?
    I’m listening to your music

    • Hi Emilio!
      You have no idea how much you helped me that day! Without your tools I would not have been able to repair the microphone. I used it a day later in Verona and it was fantastic 🙂 ! Thank you again very much!

  2. Hi Julien i saw you on la rochelle yesterday and i bougt your record. Very Nice Music With a strange guitar! Is it a takamine ? Hope to see you again

  3. Hello Julien,

    I’m so glad that I saw you performing live yesterday (2017-05-08) at sunset on the docks of La Rochelle. Thank you for sharing your gift.

    You’re oozing happiness and serenity when you sing, with your big heart, your charming face and that magic voice of yours that can soothe any pain. You just miss wings to be an angel. Well, maybe it’s the purpose in life you’re looking after, who knows?

    Have a very nice trip throughout your entire life

    PS: I would love to hear you singing “Every Kinda People” some day.

  4. Hay, leider kann ich nur deutsch haha. Aber ich habe dich gestern singen gehört und war echt begeistert. Mein Dad musste mir deine CD holen. Du bist toll.

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