In the glorious People’s Republic of China

I made it to China!

I get off the plane walking straight towards the customs. I’m glad they let me in because otherwise I would face serious difficulties flying back home to Australia!I pick up my baggage and get into a long queue. Signs are giving no directions whatsoever to the exit. Since the sign says “domestic transfer” I just assume, that this might be just a bad English translation. SO I get in the queue and wait for a good half an hour until I notice that people are lining up for the Check-In! This moment I turned around an saw the EXIT sign – YES!

Before leaving the airport I would need to get some cash. Luckily ATMs are all around. I make that thing regurgitate 1.200 yuan and I get ready to head off to the Aiport Express Train Station.

Before I’m even allowed on the train I have to bypass a security check including an x-ray scan! While I’m standing there waiting on a train Elena, a young woman from Italy who sat on the plane right next to me, appeared. She also needs to go to the city so we both go together. On the train there are little movies running to teach people how to behave well in Beijing and on the train! I think these are last remains from the 2008 Olympics.

We both get off at Dongzhimen Station. Stations are obviously not build for handicapped people nor travellers so we end up carrying Elena’s heavy suitcase up a staircase.

At least the final ride from the stations inner area to the surface of Beijing happens on an escalator for us. While standing on this diagonal people conveyor belt a icy breeze is blowing down the transportation tube. Being in Sydney for so long I had almost forgotten how cold “cold” can be.

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