Day 2 – Pacifica to Half Moon Bay

When I crawled out of the tent this morning it was freezing outside. I didn’t sleep very well at temperatures close to 0°C. I stopped by at a shop in Pacifica and loaded my bike up with fruits and vegetables. The great thing about the shop: Everything that is not a 100% fresh is being […]


Leaving Beijing was not that easy. Of course I planned everything perfectly in the morning and of course when I left I was 30 minutes behind my schedule. Stupidly I spent all my remaining Yuan for food on that day. I didn’t buy much food but if I would have know that I would have […]

Bye Bye Byejing

Out, Out, I’m out Bye, bye non-existent traffic rules, people spitting on the street, eating indefinable food, and also bye-bye Beijing smog.

Almost there

It’s almost 1am and I’m still transfering files, packing boxes and sorting clothes. Today has been a day full of organizing things for the trip. Looking back to this day I want to share some valuable advice: