Almost there

It’s almost 1am and I’m still transfering files, packing boxes and sorting clothes. Today has been a day full of organizing things for the trip. Looking back to this day I want to share some valuable advice:

  • always check at least one week before your flight if the country you are staying offers visa on arrival. Otherwise you might end up paying almost $200 for 7 days in China. They are already eating my money and I’m not even there!
  • guitar shops do not necessarily have carton boxes to ship guitars
  • bicycle shops do, but charge $2 for something they throw out either way
  • ice-cream helps to stay up late till 1am to organize things
  • it’s easier saying goodbye to people who you know to be meeting while travelling overseas
  • drinking gingertea with chinese super syrup helps against the worst stuff in chest and vocal box!
  • try the Italian Hot Chocolate at CINQUE in Newtown (Sydney) in a extra large bowl 🙂

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