Being born and raised in a little town near Berlin called Ludwigsfelde, Julien had early access to live shows and concerts around while also his parents fed him a good amount of music.
First Piano ConcertAfter spending several years of his childhood to figure out how to play the piano he finally discovered the singing-function of his vocal chords. And what a discovery that was! It didn’t take long for him to spend more time singing than practising those piano pieces. So he got in touch with the wonderful classical tenor Rainer Keck, who took him under his wings and taught him the basics of breathing and scales.
As a student in the local music school of Ludwigsfelde, Julien not only explored classical music but also quickly sang his way through various choirs and acapella-groups. By the age of 16 he has worked out his first show singing old jazz songs and performed on stage in the style of Frank Sinatra and Michael Bublé.
With Jason MrazIt all seemed as if he would never pick up an instrument again – until he stumbled across the music of Jason Mraz (“I’m Yours”), who not only inspired him to pick up a new style and way of singing but also got him on the guitar.
Julien & BorisWith the help of YouTube Julien taught himself how to play the guitar and performed his first show just before leaving his hometown for his first big trip at the age of 19.
King St - Australia | Sydney [2009] As he left for Australia, to see what else he could do with his passion, he quickly set base in Sydney, started making coffee in a local coffee shops and playing music with local artists.
Living in the colourful district of Newtown, Julien found himself constantly surrounded by street-art. On Valentine’s Day 2009 he went out to partake in the craziness all along the famous King St, dressed up in a Tuxedo singing Frank Sinatra songs.
innercity courier 29 jul 2010His “TuxGuy”-Shows quickly became a week-end attraction in Newtown and grew to even bigger popularity when an article appeared in the newspaper after winning the Eisteddfod Challenge of Performing Arts (NSW) and becoming Contemporary Singer of the Year 2010.
Darling Harbour - Sydney | Australia [2010]With growing success Julien then assembled some of Sydney’s best musicians and created The Full House – a conceptional busking jazz band – which soon became the first band in the history of Darling Harbour to receive permission to perform on the water-front.
As they returned for their weekly performance, more and more people inquired for a CD to take home. So in a one-day recording session their album “Seaside” was recorded alongside producer Michael Wheatley at Nut ‘n’ Butter Studio.
IMG_1187After a total of three years performing with The Full House at countless weddings and concerts, the nomad inside Julien rewoke and sent him out to yet another journey to find his purpose in life. Waving goodbye to Sydney and equipped with amplifier, microphone and guitar, this young modern troubadour then explored the North-American west-coast and the European mainland on a cargo-bicycle while sharing his melodies and stories with the people along the route.
His big adventure should last 6 months and lead him over 10.000km of road through more than 11 different countries.
HomestudioThis trip should change Julien’s life forever. With every single kilometre along his way he not only discovered the diverse shapes of bigheartedness among different cultures but also learned how to understand and appreciate his own restlessness.
He started to distil the melodies rooted in the moments and encounters during his adventure in a melange of Folk, Jazz and Electronic sounds to touch the listener and make him discover his own inner nomad.
In 2014 Julien aired live on the German TV-show Rising Star three times and came 4th on the final show.
La Coursive - La Rochelle | France [2014]While on his first bicycle trip, Julien fell in love with a particular city located on the French west-coast: La Rochelle. There is something about the colours and the feel of the city that makes him return ever year for the summer to create a musical space of calmness on the harbour.
Each year, with the arrival of the winter, he embarks on yet another bicycle-journey towards the south to find his roots again and live the free life.
Night in La RochelleRight now he is back in La Rochelle to continue working on his new album and to prepare for another summer season of magical music moments on the harbour and to bring unforgettable memories to weddings all over Europe.

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